Goal of the Conference

Economic and social importance of road and urban transport is not negligible. Road and urban transport ensures mobility of inhabitants and goods transportation according to still varying consumers’ requirements. The development of individual motoring and road freight transport causes many negative effects. Ones of the most serious negative effects are large number of accidents with incalculable losses of human lives, damage to property and adverse impacts on the environment. Despite the mentioned facts the life without cars is unimaginable nowadays. Searching for suitable further development of road and urban transport in present conditions in Europe, as well as outside Europe, in conditions of globalization represents looking for suitable consensus among safety, environment, technical, and economic demands. Searching for new solutions in area of mobility of people as well as logistics solutions which involve road transport should emphasize the dynamics of development in recent year for example introducing telematics. On the other hand, it should also point out the lack of professional staff, the possibility of changing the size and weight of vehicles as a tool for reducing energy consumption and negative impacts on the environment.

The Conference should be the forum for meetings and exchange of views of the experts from fields associated with road and urban transport.

Conference Scope:

  • Legislation and safety issues, environmental requirements for road and urban transport,
  • Technology of operation and management of road and urban transport,
  • Public transport financing in Slovakia and abroad,
  • Integrated transport systems,
  • Management of transport systems and intelligent transport systems,
  • Using information technologies in management of transport processes and transport companies,
  • Methods for increasing efficiency of road and urban transport,
  • Road transport as a part of intermodal transport,
  • Quality in transport services,
  • Logistics,
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Transport Systems,
  • IT Service Management,
  • Reliability in Transport Services,
  • Smart Technologies in Public Transport.


Conference is intended for:

  • scientific and research workers in area of transport and university teachers,
  • employees of state and public administration in the field of transport,
  • managers and workers in transport and forwarding companies,
  • manufacturers, importers and retailers of automotive technology.

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